Caio Ibelli Signs with RYD Brand

August 26, 2019 2 min read

Caio Ibelli Signs with RYD Brand

Championship Tour Surfer Joins Emerging Surf Accessories and All-Round Fun Brand

Championship Tour surfer,Caio Ibelli has joined emerging surf accessories and all-round fun brand, RYD, on a long-term partnership. The deal will see the dynamic regular footer use the brand’s progressive range of accessories, including traction, fins, leashes and board bags. 

“Caio fits our brand philosophy perfectly,” commented Barend Buys, director at RYD. “We are a family-oriented brand and we want to build community and promote good vibes,” he added. “He is a great guy with such a good attitude – someone who is always having the most fun; charges hard and wants to get others out in the water whether that be surfing or on a SUP, foil or soft top.”

Ibelli –who became theASP World Junior Champion in 2012 and qualified for theWorld Surf League (WSL) elite Championship Tour (CT) in 2016 – made his return to elite level competition in 2019 after breaking his foot free surfing before the Margaret River Pro in April 2018. He is known both for his fun, high-energy personality and for his fast, powerful surfing. Born in Brazil, he now lives in Dana Point, California, with his wife and fellow pro,Alessa Quizon.

According to Buys, who foundedRYD Brand and, along with strategic partners in New Zealand the USA, Europe and other countries, Caio will also become a valuable part of the R&D team on the brand. 

“Having him on board says a lot about the credibility of RYD’s products,” Buys said. “He’s tested ourfins,leashes andtraction in elite level competition from J-Bay all the way to Tahiti and California in between. We’re working on a traction pad with his expert input and feedback and there is possibility of a bigger signature range.”

Buys is quick to reiterate that while performance is important, results are absolutely not the main focus of the RYD brand or the partnership with Ibelli. 

“At RYD we want the waves to be good whereyou are,” he said. “We all know that from time-to-time surfing can get a bit negative and competitive (and we’re not talking contests, those are cool!) We mean hustling in the line-up for the best waves, claiming how good the waves were yesterday, and how you did a better turn, got bigger barrel or way more waves than anyone else. We’d prefer our mates – the other members of the #RYDtribe – to score the best waves wherever they are. Caio embodies that and we are excited to walk this journey with him.” 

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