Celebrating Logging at the Cobbles Classic 2019

September 26, 2019 2 min read

Celebrating Logging at the Cobbles Classic 2019

A log is a piece of equipment that you’ll definitely not forget at the beach!

If this is the great granddaddy of surfing – what makes it so much fun to ride this heavy board? We’re talking “old-school” single fin, 9ft or over, with soft 50/50 rails.

Well the pure stoke of surfing on a log is the fun of getting back to the roots of where it all began and experiencing the glide and speed the board has behind it.

The Cobbles Classic 2019 (where RYD was the main sponsor) certainly celebrated the heritage of surfing. And what a weekend it was. The waves were pumping with 3-4ft offshore conditions for the whole event. Needless to say....it was classic!

Surfers all got to surf at least three times due to the unique format of this event being a sessions-based event rather than elimination heats. This always strokes the stoke and lets the surfers relax and enjoy the surfing.

After the three sessions, we go into the typical quarters, semi- and final heats. One can imagine the standard of surfing at this stage of the event. It went through the roof! The ladies especially stood out with the level of surfing displayed on the heavy single fin craft they were riding - such grace, flow and style! 

It truly was a fun-filled family (be it your own or the surf community, #RYDtribe) event. The nose riding and cross-stepping just solidified the stoke.


The Cobbles Classic 2019 Results


1) Slumtown surf rats

FAMILY "shared wave" HEAT:

1) Dean and Shaun Simpson


1) Craig Cuff (RYD Ambassador)

2) Ludi Du Toit

3) Levi Mayes

4) Gregg Clarke (RYD Ambassador)


1) Michelle Von Kempen

2) Angelica Schon

3) Crystal Hullet

4) Magreet Wibblelink


1) Dean Simpson

2) Gregg Clarke (RYD Ambassador)

3) Mike Hill

4) Ryan Lightfoot (RYD Ambassador)

STYLE MASTER: Oliver Packam


NOSERIDER: Dean Simpson

SURFERS SURFER: Craig Cuff (RYD Ambassador)

Congratulations to all that took part. We do hope you enjoy those RYD goodies.

See you in the water soon or catch us on Instagram and Facebook for more.

Photo credit: Tammy Mayes and RYD Team


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