Daniel Farr: The Inside Scoop and Tips on the Life of a Pro Surfer.

June 13, 2019 4 min read

Daniel Farr: The Inside Scoop and Tips on the Life of a Pro Surfer.

If you want to be inspired in building a surfing career or want inside info on what it is like to travel the globe and participate in WQS contests – hit the pause button and take a read through our interview we had with Daniel Farr.

Daniel Farr is only 19 (soon to be 20) and has been surfing competitively since the age of 11. Coming from New Zealand he is one of our latest RYD ambassadors and currently traveling through South Africa for the Men’s qualifying series:

Why do you love Surfing so much?

Surfing is such a special sport. I love the feeling of riding waves and being in the ocean. It is such a dynamic sport as well, from technique to flow and riding waves, its so sick learning all the dynamics and applying it in the waves. You just can’t beat the feeling!

Your Dad taught you how to Surf. Tell us more about that.

So, my Dad started surfing when he was a teenager growing up in Durban. After moving to NZ (when I was 4) we linked up with the local Christian surfer’s crew and went there to learn to surf every Saturday. Me and my older brother just jumped on soft-top boards and went for it! My Dad, brother and I have been surfing together ever since and it’s such a special family bond.

The Best Break to Surf and Why?

The best break would have to be Stent road. It is 20 minutes down the coast from my house and is such a sick right-hand point break. I grew up surfing it all the time. From 2ft to 10ft; the break handles almost everything and runs with an endless rippable wall for so long.

You started Competing at a Young Age - What is your Advice for Grommets that would like to go Pro?

Yeah, I’ve always loved competing! My advice for any grom surfer would be to just get into it. Have some fun, learn the ins and outs of competing and keep at it. You'll win some heats and lose others, but you can learn so much from both winning and losing. After each round you become a better surfer and become more prepared for the next events.

You Inspire Young People and recently Shared with a Group of Youth on your Visit in Cape Town - How do you try to Influence them?

I always want to influence positively and genuinely. I love hanging out and surfing with grommets. I am super psyched that we get to shred and talk about such a sick sport! By being amped, committed to my sport and keeping a smile on my face – that’s how I want to influence the surfing community.

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Your Favourite Surf Move and the Hardest Move?

My favourite surf move would have to be the forehand carve and the hardest is an alley oop. Spinning back around following the front arm is so confusing haha…

The best RYD Products used so far?

My best would be the RYD traction pads! Best grip I have ever used and such a sick design as well.

You enjoy Traveling – Where did you have the best Experience?

It would have to be South Africa! I’ve come back here for the past 3 years and every time I am here, I meet so many cool new people, build friendships, score sick waves all the time and share great memories. I feel so comfortable in SA now, with all the friends made - its like a second home to me.

5 Things that will always Travel with you:

Since Food is so important, what is your Best Meal after a long Surf?

Oohhh you can't beat a good sirloin steak and chips! Although a braai is also sick after a surf.

What is your Impression of SA surfing?

SA surfing is intense. Everyone pushes you and goes hard for the waves. Its cool being in the water with others who are in full send mode.

How was the Vans Surf Pro Classic as a Surf Contest for you?

The Vans contest is always great, its one of my favourite QS events of the year. Lamberts is a super fun wave and I'm right at home in the cold water. I went good in my first heat this year but when YoYos (the surf spot in Lamberts Bay) is small, it's a very hard wave to surf. Unfortunately, I got knocked out earlier than I wanted.

What is your Dream?

My dream is to make a career and life out of competitive surfing, traveling the world with my girlfriend and family, adventuring around new places and seeing the world with the people I love.

And lastly, what Legacy would you like to Leave Behind?

I would like to be remembered as a good Kiwi lad who was friendly to everyone, true to his faith and always amped on surfing!

He is such a humble and talented surfer wanting to inspire others. Part of our #RYD2inspire campaign is encouraging the surf community to have fun, dream big and experience the more out there.

If you have a story you would like to share with us, use #RYD2inspire and tag us in – we would love to feature it and encourage others.

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