Alt 3 Piece Traction

ALT - Diamond Groove

Do you have a flat foot and prefer a three-piece pad? Then the ALT range is where you'll need to start. With no raised arch bar the Alt pad will give you the best foot to board feel in the range. Coupled with the 25mm tail kick, sleek outline and circular traction cavities, this pad and your flat foot are a match made in heaven.

  • 5mm thick
  • Width 300mm x Height 305mm
  • Tail Kick: Length 50mm x Height 25mm
  • Arch bar: Flat

One of our original performers, this tried and
trusted formula has been our go-to pattern
from the start. The 5mm height is cleverly
dispersed by the horizontal, diamond groove
design, allowing a greater connection to your
board without losing an ounce of grip when
you need it most.

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